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mega_foxxy's Journal

A Megan Fox Community
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Megan Denise Fox,Icons , news,Headers
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Maintainers=Shawna shawnalasex & Theresamisst89


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If you'd like to affiliate just ask here


1. Post anything that pertains to Megan
whether it's pictures, icons, banners, walls, news, or videos.
2. Anything over 400x400 must be under a cut.
3. Be friendly. No bashing of Megan or other members will be tolerated.
4. Please provide sources when posting, especially news.
5. Do not use any photo hosts that pay I.E. "Share-A-Pic."
6. Please Use The Tags.
7. Feel free to pimp us out!
8. Feel Free to post whatever you want in Your journal or Your graphic journal ,But PLEASE make it PUBLIC,DO NOT make our members Join your community.
Ive seen other make the post public for two days & then switch to PRIVATE .THIS IS FINE

9. ONLY affiliates can advertise,Like with a banner &/ OR anything ,,If you'd like to Promote in Here .Please affiliate with us


1.Because EVERYONE that posts here ,should not have there work stolen and posted on fanpop.That is annoying regardless if they credit its still inconsiderate.
2.I search and scour the internet for INFO, any randoms shouldnt be able access it
3. We are closer as members only ,we dont have to worry about TROLLS in comments.
4.NO TROLLS posting .

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